Imagines ex voto dies natalis pro optimus amicus

True friends are hard to find. Having one best friend is already a great blessing. Your best friend will never leave you even when your down. He/she is someone you can talk to whenever you have some problems. That is why, when your best friend’s birthday is getting nearer you must do something special for him/her.

Enjoy every moment of your life.

Best Birthday Wishes for Friend

Wishing you an awesome day with good luck on your way.

You deserve to sit back with a pillow under your feet.

igitur, above is all latest collection of birthday wishes for friends.

Omnis dies, omnis hora novissima nox pulchra Khushi

Omni autem die in novissimo Khushi
Nox, noctis, pulchra,.
Sed in gradus Pdae
Et facta est pluvia florum.
Felix Natalis.
Fragrant tua
Insert in fila ex lumen vitae tuae
At illa venit ad vitam in illa felici Hzar
Et "Donec" vocari quotiens.
Natalis votis habemus eam
Nos aliquando obviam Iudae
Et vita voluntatis est promissio
Et dabo tibi animam meam, Orff Hai yeh irada ...
Aetas sum descendat ab astris Luna,
Missa in floribus et de natali Mnau,
Est mihi omnis gloria mundi,
Sajaau yeh mehfil haseen est in monte maxime nazaaron.